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Extracto de cordyceps militaris

Estado de Disponibilidad:
Latin name:
• Cordyceps sinens
• 10%-50% Polysaccharides (UV) 
• 1%-10% Cordycepic acid
• 1%-10% Cordycepin
Part Used:
• The mycelium of Cordyceps sinens
• cGMP, ISO22000, HACCP, FSSC22000, Kosher, Halal

1. Description of  Cordyceps Militaris Extract

The Cordyceps Militaris Extract produced by Acetar uses the dried cordyceps sinens as raw material, extracted and concentrated and processed into a powder by spray drying technology. The powder is water-soluble, can be dissolved at room temperature, stable character, easy to be quickly absorbed by the human body. It can be used as raw materials for medical nutrition, health care products and dietary supplements.

Cordyceps is a combination of fungi called Cordyceps that parasitize in insects. When the ascospores of the fungi plant parasitize the larvae of the Cordyceps bat moth, they begin to quietly absorb the nutrients in the larvae. When it is cold, the larvae burrow into the soil in autumn to survive the winter. it's a real bug now. From the outside, it looks like any other larva. When the ascospores of fungi form mycelium in the insect body, the pace of absorbing nutrients is accelerated. Subsequently, the hyphae in the worm body continue to form hard sclerotia. In the summer of the second year, the sclerotium grows a rod-shaped "grass" from the head of the insect body. The upper part of the rod-shaped structure expands, and many small spheres grow on the surface, and ascospores are hidden inside the sphere. After the ascospores are released, they continue to infect the larvae of the Cordyceps bat moth, and grow "grass" in the next year, and the Cordyceps sinensis continues to multiply like this. The main active ingredients of Cordyceps are cordycepin and cordycepic acid. It has the functions of enhancing immunity, anti-tumor, protecting kidney, anti-oxidation, anti-aging, protecting cardiovascular system, and lowering blood sugar.

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